Welcome to the Wild Fire pack WikiEdit

This is an animal jam pack started by;; Sunshilovesmusic

If you want to join please contact Zix AKA Sunshilovesmusic. Therefore Zix is the Leader of the Wild fire pack wiki

Prologue Edit

This is a more special pack. Wild fire's are Loners,Rouges and Doggy pets teaming up and becoming stronger. We will battle the Eastern Fire's and make them pay. We will be allies with Van2016's pack. Therefore she was my leader before i ran off.

"I promise to serve my pack well. When sparing nobody will get injured. When battle scars creep into their bodies my medics' will save them. From now and forever on, I hereby declair us as an offical wolf pack. The Wild Fire's." --Zix,Alpha

"I used to be in the pack of Eastern Fire's, and i saw how Flame(lead Alpha there) treated her members, I will not say names, but October and Sky left, and i left with them. I got bored in that pack, there was nothing to do, no roleplaying. All Flame did was not care, about me or anything she might say that she taught me but she didn't i felt free when i left. I didn't feel traped or in a cage, I worked hard and accomplished my dreams, I went for the stars, and got them! So did October and Sky, Shadow and Nadia. You cant ever know which pack you belong in.But trust me you will never EVER want to leave this one. We are a family here a true family. And we will fight for AnyBody in our family, We love each other here, We don't treat anybody different we are one piece and will never break apart."

Introduction Edit

:: You ran threw the forest starving. Little did you know you were noticed as a "Doggy pet." Thats why other packs were chasing you out of their territory. You flew off running North. Heading for our pack, Wild Fire's. You reached the bushes leading into our camp. You saw a mouse scurry slowly into the camp so you ran after it,invading our camp. You caught it and gulped it down. Just as you stopped enjoying the mouse you were surrounded by a circle of wolves. The lead alpha spoke up, "We are The Wild Fire's. Who are you?" You answered and joined their pack (or left) ::

Information Edit

Founder/s/ -- Zix, Lead Alpha

Founded date -- 3/12/2017 8:54 pm

Theme song -- Demons by Imagine Dragons

Rp style -- Descriptive, Advanced and Vocab

Season -- March (starting spring)

Recruiting? -- Always :D

Speices -- Wolves

Tag color -- Orange/Yellow

Member count -- 1

Attire Edit

Eye colors -- Any greens, Blues, Whites, Or yellows

Pelt colors -- No non realistic colors such as Pink, Red, Purple

Items -- Any Elf armor Any spike Any leaf armor Any flower crowns Any weapons

Avatars -- Arctic wolf - Leader or full grown wolf. Fox - Middle aged wolf. Wolf - A full grown nm wolf. Bunny - A Pup

Rules Edit

  1. Must obey all leaders
  2. Treat your friends and other wolves with kindness
  3. . Never talk back to leader or alpha's
  4. If you decided to leave pack ask,
  5. Fill out a joining form to join the pack
  6. Do as your told.
  7. If you betray the rules you will be exiled
  8. IF you delete anything on the page all MAJOR things on punishments will happen
  9. No DRAMA or acting,
  10. No Double Packing
  11. No Power Playing

Punishments Edit


1.Have The Duties Of a Trainee

2.Cleaning up the camp

3.Scar on face

4.Bite on ear


Deep big scar on back


Pups and Mate Being Killed

Moving to a different pack but you will be killed in this one,


These are NOT your choices they will be mine

Positions Edit

Supierior -- These are counting the Alphas and the Lead Alpha. These wolves can choose punishments.

Supierior -- This is counting the betas. These wolves can lead the pack when a alpha is helping someone or is gone.

Supierior -- This is counting the Elders. These wolves are retired old wolves. They will always be ahead of warriors/hunters/spies

Combats -- Combats are the leader of either Warriors Hunters Guards or Medics they lead these wolves of what rank they have

Warrior -- A warrior is a wolf that has skills and protects the pack with there life these wolves are known to be brong into the wars of the 2 packs

Hunter -- A hunter is a wolf that hunts for the pack without these wolves we would starve.

Guard -- A guard is like a warrior they get brong into wars but they gaurd the pack with there life.

Shaman -- A shaman is a healer of the pack they heal and care for the wolves wounds.

Omega -- A omega is the lowest ranking over all the ranks and doesn't know any skills, like training to be any of the above.

Trainee -- A trainee is a young wolf that is training to be whatever there future rank is they get a mentor, There mentor HAS to be that rank there future rank is

Pup -- A pup is a offspring of a wolf in the pack or was in need of a home they play around and get to bite the other wolves softly but cant bite a elder or a trainee.

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